Though Pathfinder rules for Combat Maneuver Bonus & Combat Maneuver Defense are used, as are the rules for Conditions and some Feats, we’ve married PF and 3.5 in this way[section] only.

The feats: Improved; Disarm, Grapple, Sunder, Trip retain the 3.5 bonus to attack(CMB), (+4) and the effect of the PF ,to be edited-. Until further revision all other feats similar in nature will follow the same pattern. Combat Maneuver Bonus + Combat Maneuver Defense then to 3.5 bonus for the feat(+4), PF for the effect( Combat Maneuvers) and if applicable the follow up Greater Feats,, to be edited-

Until a proper address of the size modifiers is applied, PF and 3.5 can shove it as far as I’m concerned. PILGRIM

NOTE:RANT Personal opinion. Should be; -/+2 Large, -/+4 Huge, -/+8 Garg, -/+16 Colossal Needs testing

It is 3.5 atm -/+4 Large, -/+8 Huge, -/+16 Garg, -/+32 Colossal

With +2 for improved and greater feats. A net +4 with standard (lol) 3.5 classes on top will be closer to balanced than anything so far barring further, more in depth tweaking.


Seylebs Legacy Pilgrim