Blink Dog(2) Cleric of Anubis(3)


3 winters ago, barely after he had learned to move on his own, a tired and badly wounded pup staggered into Comeau, then promptly winked out of existence. He was located 17 seconds later, when a townswoman wearing a throw rug ran out of her house screaming that somebody had, somehow, broken into her house and put a half-dead dog in her bedroom while she and her husband slept. Thankfully, somebody in the town guard had the wherewithal to help the poor creature out, and took him to a veterinarian. She then called for the local wizard, complaining that it’s very hard to operate on something that won’t stay on one plane. The two together were able to save him, and since then the mutt has been very busy ingratiating himself to the townsfolk in thanks in whatever ways he can.

Being smarter than the average dog, and able to understand Common soon enough, he made easy friends with most of the townsfolk. He responds to almost any name people use for him, vulgarities excluded.

The mutt quickly grew fond of Khetep, finding him the only being in town he could properly converse with, once Khetep learned to speak Blinkdog. This naturally led to lengthy theosophical debates about life, death, the gods and the universe. Before he knew it, the mutt had a snappy new gold collar with white trim, and a much fuller appreciation of the world and its people. Rakaph, as he was called by the archon, learned the rites and rituals of the gods of the Pharaohic Pantheon, and began to use his new strengths to further aid the people of his town.

He is a highly loyal dog, and will do anything for the people of the town that saved and cared for him. This included joining the guard. For both fun and exercise while off-shift, he patrols the town at night, jumping and frolicking through the snow, while always on the lookout for predators or criminals.


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