Seylebs Legacy

Session V: A Giant Squirrel and a Golem

After a few days of travel, the group (now named ‘The Bane of Innkeepers’) arrived at a interesting sight… A tree. Not just any tree, but a massive tree; One bigger then a city! To make things worse, there was two giant squirrels and a giant wood pecker… The group stood their pondering on the implications of it all.

After a while of thinking, they all came to the same conclusion… A wizard did it.

Quickly taking advantage at the assumed advantage this ‘tree city’ would hold, the group went into research mood at collected as much information about the mountain range to the east; this even went to the point of almost hiring a guide in this city, which is almost a weeks travel from the mountains!

After a ‘long’ day of research, they decided to earn a bit of much needed money. The first job, one was from an Artificer to track done his lost shadow-steal golem. After hours of planning, they trotted off to the golems last known location, with a cage strapped onto Khetep.

Upon arriving at the area, and finding the golem, Ty McLillin made the mistake(?) of talking to it. It responded with the word ‘art’. Well, more to the point of ‘I’m making art’. After capturing the golem (which is to be noted that the plan worked perfectly… for once), Ty McLillin has the wonderful experience of a moral dilemma; Is the golem alive?

To Nathin, it was a tool that could speak and nothing more.
mutt (Rak) just followed his religious belief and was set that if it was alive, it would be judged in the afterlife, regardless of physical form.
Khetep had some problems with this as well. He ended up falling back on his religious teachings since he didn’t know where to go…
Ty McLillin has the biggest problem of all. He couldn’t decided if it was alive or not… after much thinking and debating, he decided that it dying would bring him to a better place. With this decision, it set his mood for the next day or so and made it apparent to everyone else that he should never be allowed near children.



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