Seylebs Legacy

Session IV: Red Tape & Old Friends

Rak’s Journey goes here

After Rakap came back and a brief exchange of information Ty and Rak were directed to the office of a strangely abrupt, elderly human. A ranking member belonging to the clergy of Anubis he provided the confused group with advice on how to proceed in Nathin’s arrest.

It turns out that Nathin’s method of casting was something called Truespeech. An ancient and invasive utterance that was regulated, even outlawed in some cases. In this case, once explained how the sorcerer Nathin learned his craft (which raised more questions than it answered), he was allowed release under the legal guardianship of Rakap the Blink Dog. Ty found this endlessly amusing.

Unfortunately, though freedom was gained, during the trial and subsequent questioning the group revealed their quest and the antics of the rogue villain Ashuran. The ruling, magistrate dragon overseeing the trial granted them passage, though a heavy fine was laid on the group. Devoid of sizable sums they offered the twin swords Masamune and Muramasa. They were accepted.

Leaving Pleven with heads full of information and even more questions Ty, Rak, that vile darkspawn Nathin :) and Mattilda couldn’t find Gog or Khetep. Assuming the two would catch up the trio headed southwest to Imascus. Stopping along the way in small villages and hamlets was restful and soothing, but on the third night it was dangerous. Taking lodging in an inn the trio settled into their respective patterns.

While Rakap prayed in the cemetery and Ty scouted the alleys, Nathin enjoyed a beverage by the roaring hearth. His relaxation was short lived as the nerra assassin stepped from the mirror over the hearth, two lackeys waiting to emerge beyond him. Yelling, Nathin shattered the mirror and all the innkeeper’s mugs, plates and bowls seperating the mirror man from his minions.

Hearing the fracas, Ty and Rak raced to the scene with the blink dog considerably ahead. Surprising the assassin with remarkable strength and tenacity, Rak held him off as Nathin flung greasy ooze around the room unbalancing the assailant. A few more chomps later on the crystal man’s arm and Ty showed up to help Rak out. Nathin is bleeding pretty good at this point. The assassin wielded a dangerous crystal blade that sapped the strength of the victim, sickening them.

Taking one look at the nerra stumbling over broken tables, shattered crockery and greasy flooring, Nathin splintered and break the flooring further hindering the assassin, and filling the room with the smell of sawdust. A pretty impressive conflict erupted and the common room was thoroughly destroyed. Tables turned and losing fast the nerra ran, barely escaping despite Rak and Ty’s best efforts.

Regretful of the damage the trio gave up some coins and wearily settled in after binding nasty wounds and turning over all mirrors. A few days past as they helped repair and heal. The villagers were warned of the nerra’s ways and they headed out.



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