Ruler: Whoever wants to take responsibility at the time.

The town of Comeau lies halfway between Stara Zagora and Smolyan, and lies just south of the Winter Forest. With a population of about 100 men, women and children, it could be described as a tiny town by most peoples standards, and a gem in the rough to those travelling the road between the two larger cities.

It has the standard shops and buildings common to small towns: a general store for the local farmers, a tavern for the community to get together and to provide lodging for travellers, an old guard tower that doubles as a church to various gods, a couple houses, and a latrine.

There are a couple notable figures in the town: Sgt. Cortez is the head of the town guard. A drunk and lazy bastard, he only has his position because he’s related to half the town. Bel Krieg is a mysterious fellow: many years ago he settled down in Comeau, never tended any crops, and kept to himself, rebuffing any advances by the locals with a gruff tone. From what most people could tell of him, he was once a wizard who spent many years travelling, but any questions asked of him about his past is met with a nasty spell being cast upon the curious.

The locals are friendly and warm, and will help eachother out in the harsh winters. They grow standard crops:wheat, barley, hops, cows, chickens, and make rum during the winter to keep themselves warm. The only visitors to see the town come in the summer when travelling between Stara Zagora and Smolyan, though a couple stop by to pick up crops to sell in the markets and to hunt the bountiful game in the forest.


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