The Gear

the party's equipment pool


1 Bag O’ Shit (every mundane item except for clothing, enough for 5 medium sized humanoids, all in a Bag of Holding 2)
1 Glaive
1 Long Spear
1 Duom
5 chain shirts
5 short swords
5 long Swords
4 Holy Symbols (1 Anubis, 1 Pelor, 1 Zeus, 1 Gruumsh)
1 Sanctified Chain Shirt Barding
2 Belts of Healing
1 ox named Matilda
1 cart
1 Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (20 charges)
1 Ruby Ring (for Ty only)
1 Composite Longbow
3 Light Crossbows
5 Heavy Maces
10 Pilums
5 Scimitars

These items cannot be sold, and you can only take what you will use. This is pretty much what the entire town has to offer, but they wouldn’t want you to carry around crap you don’t need just because “it’s nice to have” and that you will pawn it off later.


The Gear

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