Ty McLillin


Average height, compact build, dark hair/eyes. Swasbuckler 3/ Swordsage 2, Human


Dragged into Comeau at the heels of a matted pony under a late rain, Ty was a six year old ward of the state. According to the unkempt, moustached armsman who smelled quite fragrantly of spirits that is.

Displaying creased and battered, but otherwise seemingly legitimate papers and seals, the armsman requested lodging for the night and a fresh horse by morning. When questioned about the treatment of the youngling he declared the child to a spawn of foul origin and for all to stay distant. The only indicator of a previous life was a gold ring with a large mounted ruby on the left thumb of the boy. No matter how many times they tried to remove it, it would slip from their grasp and re-appear on the childs thumb.

That night the cabin the stranger was given echoed with the sounds of strange magic and the child’s screaming. No one went close.

By sunrise they had gone. Folk whispered and talked but did nothing. The world is much bigger than simple Comeau. Five nights later George McLillin found the boy next to a game trail six furlongs from the village.

Unconscious and cold he was brought back to Comeau and nursed back to health.

Quiet and shy, he gave his name as Ty, no last name. He knew his parents were dead and would say no more on the subject, the look in his eyes suggested more. He came from far away and his clothes and accent confirmed it. No more was said of it.

He stayed with the woodsman who found him and took the name McLillin. George’s wife and son had been lost to an orc raid, as had many, so in this George found contentment. Ty showed excellent stealth and hunting skills and soon ended up in the militia under the command of the disreputable Sgt. Cortez. The villagers were friendly and little Ty worked hard. It was good.

Soon enough his skills and unorthodox strategies were brought to the attentions of the local wizard Bel Krieg. Surprising to both him and the mage, they enjoyed working together. Nathin the wizard’s apprentice of sorts, had always remained to himself and though curious the outlander never pressed the matter leaving to it to lie another day.

At age twenty Ty left Comeau to places unknown without warning. He seemed troubled when he left and was reportedly seen thumbing the ring he’s had all this time. He returned ten years later to a joyful reunion with his father, reinstatement in the militia, strange tales of far lands and some strange newcomers.

The reunion was only slightly marred by an odd encounter. A strangely radiant manbeast commanding otherworldly powers confronted Ty outside the town. Not recognizing the beast and fearing for the town, Ty grew suspicious of the interrogation. Adding to this was the beast’s beast familiar, a dog with intelligent eyes and smiling demeanor.

Now it would most probably had gone better had Ty not recently dealt unfavorably with outsiders, or had been expecting one in his town. Either way tempers flared and the townsfolk had to intervene. It ended without violence and only hard looks. Confused at the level of witchery present, Ty soon retreated to home, a meal and sleep.

Now resettled Ty McLillin helps out his father and reintegrates into the militia. All seems normal but longtimers, wizards and those with sharp eyes will notice that Ty seems to be looking for something around Comeau. Looking mighty hard.

Ty McLillin

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