Human Warlock/Sorcerer


Nathin is a human (well, more or less human) warlock who managed to channel his warlock powers in a different way to become a sorcerer as well. He is an exception to the standard stereo types of both of these class: he’s studious and he loves to read, primary books on magic and history.

Despite his obvious human traits, he is not completely human. While is it rare, occasionally the daemon blood (which his great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather put into their family bloodline) comes out in force; Nathin is one of these.

His eyes are completely black. Aside from this, and his warlock powers, he doesn’t look any more daemon then the rest of the group. People tend not to trust Nathin, but since the church in town has harbored him for most of his life, they also tend to leave him alone. When traveling outside, or inside when people are around, he walks with a black hoods clock which covers his eyes, his black hair, and his moonlight white skin.


Nathin has always lived in Comeau, he likes it there. Small town, few people, easy work, and a power retired wizard lives there. His family has always lived there… his family dates back to the beginning of the town and the building of the church.

He used to live in the church with his older sister, which is as close to a family tradition as blood spilling is to an orc, but he moved out at the age of 17. He quickly rented a room in the inn and joined the ‘town guard’ to raise the money he needs to live.

Life was pleasant for a while; he formed a ‘relationship’ with the local wizard so he could borrow his books, he does his 8 hours of useless work to make the money he needs, and, because of the location of Comeau, he even manages to hire traveling merchants to pick up books from the two near by city…

Though he’s completely overreacting, the moment Khetep showed up in town Nathin became even more enclosed and isolated himself (more then before anyways, which is saying something). Though he doesn’t show any hostility to the Jackal Archon, the disdain for him is easy to see for all. He’s smarter enough not to let it effect his job, however, and works with him, well, if needed.

Nathin is a brooding young man who puts a strong emphasis on honor. His main goal in life is to regain his families honor, the one his great grandfather blackened, at whatever the cost. While he’s not a bad person, he’s calculating and doesn’t let emotion cloud his judgments.


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