Nakelath "Grave Chanter" Al'KaeGam'noa


Nakelath “Grave Chanter” Al’KaeGam’noa

A figure stands before you, Standing almost 8 feet tall. He has Grey Skin is criss-crossed with marking that appear to be tribal tattoos. As your eyes are drawn upwards you see a pair of massive black horns. His eyes are completely black. A pair of Batlike wings are wrapped around him like a cloak, stretching to 20 feet when fully extended. The tips of his finger curl into wicked looking black claws. As he smiles you can see his fangs.


Nakelath was born to a goliath tribe a hundred kilometers outside of Raff. He was born a half fiend, His mother had no idea how such a thing could have happened but she was banished from the tribe nonetheless. They wandered the world for many a year looking for a home but no one would take them in. Finally his mother tried Ruse as a last resort approached the city of Ruse. She hoped that such a city would take them in as she feared she couldn’t take care of her child on her own much longer.

The city officials (under the orders of Totendrachkonig though it was not known at the time) agreed to take in Nakelath but not his mother. Nakelath entered training to become a necromancer, however his powers quickly manifested not through arcane gestures but through song, he was given the honourific Grave Chanter by his trainers to honour his goliath heritage. His powers began to develop naturally without training, because of this he was assigned the task of hunting down rogue undead and return them to the city if possible, or to destroy them otherwise.

Nakelath was recently assigned to find the people who were closest to the phylactory when it was taken, find out what they know, and then reclaim the phylactory for Totendrachkonig

Nakelath "Grave Chanter" Al'KaeGam'noa

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