Khetep is a Jackal Archon in service to the god Anubis, the judge of the dead. Unlike most archons Khetep often questions orders and authority and is prone to rash decisions. He takes any duties given to him with the utmost seriousness but feels he should be left to his own devices on how to go about it. This philosophy has made him unpopular in the court of Anubis.

Khetep was granted the honour of an audience with Anubis (the most bad-ass of all deities). This was the first time Khetep had ever layed eyes on his master. Anubis charged him with a mission. Khetep was to travel to the material plane and guard an artifact important to the god in the small village of Comeau. The great god Anubis did not deem it necessary to give Khetep the details of the artifacts exact location or abilities, only that it must be protected. Khetep happily accepted the orders, for he wanted to leave the restrictive rules of the court (and was chosen for this mission partially because of his unruly nature).

Since Khetep did not have details of the exact location of the artifact, only that it was located in Comeau, he took it upon himself to protect the entire town and the whip the local guard into shape. Though at first intimidated by Khetep’s short fuse and otherworldly nature, the people of the town soon realized that he was a loyal friend and a fierce fighter and accepted him into the guard.

Though accepted into the guard Khetep refuse to be assigned a rank or be folded into the normal chain of command. When the issue is brought up residents will often hear Khetep say: “Any rank or orders mortal could try to bestow upon me are meaningless in the eye’s of my master.”

After living in the town for 7 years Khetep took a young Blink Dog that he called Rakaph under his wing. Khetep was glad to have someone in the town who he could relate to and didn’t see him as an outsider. Khetep trained Rakaph in the ways of Anubis, though as Khetep always does, he trained Rakaph in the ways that he felt a worshiper of Anubis should act which is not necessarily the norm. Khetep enjoys sending Rakhaph to play pranks on the sorcerer Nathin, because Nathin seems to have taken it upon himself to keep an eye on Khetep.

After 8 years in the town when Sgt. Elaina Milner’s head was returned by a group of orcs, Khetep flew into a rage. Sgt. Elaina Milner was one of the few residents of Comeau who accepted him wholeheartedly (most likely because she recognized his potential as a defender of Comeau). Khetep rushed out to meet the orcs ahead of the rest of the guard. Though Khetep fought valiantly he was being overwhelmed by the sheer numbers and the rest of the guard would not have time to save him. Just as a cowardly orc was about to stab Khetep in the back an arrow punctured the orcs lung. Confused as to what happen Khetep looked back to see the the late Elaina Milner’s son shakily holding one of his mother’s spare bows. After that incident Khetep took it upon himself to watch over the young Milner boy.

After 10 years of living in Comeau Khetep was beginning to warm up to the people and they to him. One mid summers day a stranger carrying a spiked chain and a suspicious demeanor approached the town. Khetep instantly confronted him assuming he was a threat. There were heated words exchanged (mostly accusations from Khetep, the stranger didn’t say much) but before it could come to blows George McLilling recognized the boy as his long lost son and Khetep grudgingly backed down. Though Khetep still watches him closely because as Khetep puts it “He smells wrong…”.


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