Goliath Ranger/Scout


Backstory: Cast out from his village due to confrontations with several of the elder families, Grog left his entire life behind. His house, his job as an entertainer, even his first love. He travelled the countryside, living off the land and learning to be an excellent hunter. Over time, he came to miss having companionship and friends, and yearned to end his solitude. A travelling merchant pointed Grog towards Stara Zagora where he might find work. Work was easy enough to find, but the boring hours as a town guard and the lackluster audiences at the local taverns was getting to him. While he missed the companionship, he still longed for the adventure of being on the road again.

Love interests: Left behind. It is possible she set out after him, despite his wishes. Current whereabouts unknown.

Goals: To find balance in his life. Hoping one day he will be able to reunite with his love and take his revenge on the elder families for casting him out.

Hated enemies: The elder families. Undead (they are an insult to the proper gods)


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