Davian Milner (inactive)

Human Ranger


Davian was raised in Comeau, born to the late Sgt. Elaina Milner, the previous head of the town guard. She was well-regarded and well-loved by the folks of Comeau, having served them for almost a decade. She was a mistress of the bow; it’s said she once shot the leader of a large hobgoblin raid right between the eyes before they reached the town wall, and this display caused the entire raid to run away with their tails between their legs. Davian was trained to shoot by her from a young age, along with how to forage and how to hunt.

Elaina, or Sgt. Milner as how most of Comeau affectionately referred to her, lead the town guard until a scouting mission led by her went out when Davian was 16. She never returned, until a group of orcs showed up at the gates of Comeau, with the leader’s hand grabbing a fistful of Elaina’s hair, with her head hanging below. Many men died that day, including Davian’s father Norian. Now two years later, he serves in the guard his mother once lead, with a burning desire to enact vengeance upon the greenskins that stole his family and many of his friends from him.

Davian Milner (inactive)

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