Seylebs Legacy

Session I: A Quiet Life

Session 1: Comeau Clear day, the Commander was drunk as usual.

The group were doing their normal guard duty routine, when there when Mrs. Henderson came running up to Khetep complaining that there was a goblin who wouldnt pay for his drink.

Khetep went to the inn and confronted the goblin. The Goblin claimed that we were living on his land and therefore he owned everything in the town. When Khetep tried to throw the goblin out, it revealed its true barghest form (go go super goblin). Khetep and Rakaph were forced to fight and kill the goblin/barghest (The barghest’s head was cleft in twain).

After the incident Khetep and Rakaph went to scout the surrounding area, while Nathin and Ty remained to guard the town in case of further attacks. Khetep and Rakaph found the goblin camp (which was led by gnolls) and managed to pick off a few before being repelled. They then regrouped with Ty and Nathin. The group decided to head off the goblins and eliminate them.

On the way they encountered a dark group of fell power heading towards Comeau. It was immediately evident that this strange procession was evil and powerful, the entire party hid in the woods fearing for thier lives until it passed. Khetep and Rak headed to Comeau to warn the townsfolk while Ty and Nathin headed to Comeau’s muster point.

The townsfolk refused to heed Khetep’s warning and were slaughtered mercilessly as Khetep and Rakaph watched helplessly. The conflict ended with a spectacular showdown between the town wizard Bel Krieg and the apparent leader we later learn to be Asheran Furen. Asheran was victorious and left Comeau burning and in ruins. Khet and Rak hurried to rejoin Ty and Nathin and told them of the events.

Returning to the town in order to lay rest to the dead and put out the fires, the party found Bel Krieg to be still alive in the crater that used to be his home. With his last breaths he told us of Asheran, a Disciple of Mephistopheles and Wielder of Hellfire. He told us that Asheran had come for the phylactery of Totendrachekonig, the lich-king of Ruse. Now that he possessed the phylactery the party had to warn Totendrachekonig.

The group decided to travel to Stara Zagora in hopes to find passage to the draco liches city. Their arrival was highlighted by a supercilious warforged sitting atop a tent. A tent that led to the underground city of Gnomish design. Upon entrance the group discovered that it was the end of the shipping season and passage could not be booked. The party would have to look elsewhere.

Low on funds and equipment the party decided to help clear out the mines as a side job to get money for passage. The mines were being occupied by an earthgliding minotaur. The minotaur almost killed Nathin but miraculously “survived”. Once again the monster was cleft in twain.



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