Seylebs Legacy

Session III: Clues

Now up one member the party continued on its way to the find the “Aurora’s Deep” when they came across a small town celebrating a harvest festival. Thankful, the party decided to stop and enjoy the festivities. Khetep “mingled”, Gog sought out entertainment[?], Ty ate and watched while Nathin[?can’t remember sorry?].Food and music where abundant, the sun was out and evening approached.

After some discussion the party contacted the “Nerra”, some kind of mirror people. Unsure of the procedure they took lodging and attempted to contact the nerra leader with a mirror and discovered that the being working for Ashuran known as Coldforge was not in conflict with his people’s ethos.

Unknown to them the nerra assain had chosen this spot as an ambush. It disguised itself as different villagers and ambushed the party. Ty was poisoned, and fled to a belfry convinced everyone was possessed. Gog was unable to locate a foe among the crowd. Nathin was seeking better ground.

Meanwhile Coldforge planted a note on Khetep informing him that if he raised the alarm all the villagers would die. The hound Archon, using his nose for evil pinpointed the nerra and, as is Khetep’s nature, charged his prey pinning it to a wall. Not wanting any civilians to get hurt he offered the mirror being a deal.

Khetep proposed that he would let the nerra go and talk if he agreed not to hurt any civilians. The assassin agreed. Khetep left the ensuing negotiation to Nathin. Coldforge offered to meet them in a house of mirrors to which Nathin agreed.

Upon agreement and despite efforts to stop him, the mirror being dove into a cleverly placed and hidden mirror among the crowd. There was much frustration to be shared among the group in the following hours.

Nathin suggested giving the nerra the sword Muramasa in exchange for information. Khetep was strongly opposed to this and it led to some heated exchanges. This debate distressed Ty, who had watched both Nathin and to a more extent Khetep, be increasedly aware and sympathetic to the disposition of these weapons. Gog was ambivalent.

These weapons were aware. And therefore, dangerous. Gog, unfamiliar with these strangers offerred his insights but otherwise remained silent. This is not Stara Zagora from which the group recruited him, which in turn which was not his mountain home. There were many questions to be had.

In the end the group decided anything we get from Ashuran’s lackey would not be worth the risk of betrayal. The twin swords would be stored in the magic pack they procured a few towns ago to minimize their influence.

Increasingly wounded and tired the party got what rest they could, made what amends they could and then moved on. To Pleven! As the group crested a rise they saw a floating isle studded with towers drift slowly towards Pleven. It seemed the fabled floating city of Acadamia would also be available to the flagging party.

Upon entering the sizable town the village(or other planar) folk were a little overwhelmed. Food, gear, baths and lodging came to mind. And though most of those were sated, information led the group to Acadamia. Levitation pads, comm stones were marveled at, or yawned at depending. Khetep and Ty soon set out for the libraries, each looking for their own puzzle piece.

Nearly a day had passed after the respective researchers exited the libraries. It seemed legacies were undiscovered and secrets held. A short dialogue led to a disturbance. That disturbance was Nathin. Drawn into a conversation he had cast a spell and immediately evoked a response swifter than a point blank fireball.

Elite guards and overseer wizards surrounded the sorcerer weapons and wands trained.

Flabbergasted his companions objected but were rebuffed under local law. This was a dangerous caster and a threat, lock up and so on. Though Khetep and Ty protested the Arcanists felt imprisonment was approppriate.



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