Seylebs Legacy

Session II: A New Face

After returning to Stara Zagora to equip and rest after Nathin’s horrific wound, the party awoke to discover Rakhep missing.

Thinking nothing of it Nathin drifted off to breakfast in a cafe, Ty washed, ate and along the way mentioned Rak’s disappearance to Khetep who as always, was vigilant.

Trailing his fellow canine’s scent Khet noticed he was being followed by a town guard. Tracking the scent to a sewer grate and with the guard still following Khetep assembled the rest of the group.

A short trip, a conversation with said guard and some nudging to get Nathin awake found the group lowering into dangerous, trap filled sewer with a protesting Goliath guard who insisted;

“This is not what I’m paid for…”

After some wounds taken (Ty was gashed by the traps, the guard also. Khetep and Nathin cleverly disabled the devices) a room containing a raging, lightning shooting man bound by arcane symbols was found. A short dialogue later found Khetep and Ty both loathe to let a being remain in obvious captivity and disabled the runes. Nathin was ambivalent.

This decision led to the lightning spewing man to rage to the surface and head directly to the palace. The party was concerned.

Following and doubting the wisdom of their decision they witnessed a confrontation between the raging man (he said he was the rightful King) and his son. The son again disabled the Sapphire Dragon and bound him with magicks. When witnessing this the group confessed to being party to the breakout.

Taking pity on the party’s ignorance and good intentions, ‘king’ explained the nature of the ruling figures and tolerated a few other questions. This naturally led to the party informing ‘king whatever’ of Asheran Furen’s theft of the phylactery of ?Totendragonigg?

Fearful of what could happen, ‘King’ sent the party onwards with his blessing. That blessing included the location of a minor hoard which could help the group on their way.

Arrival at the site was difficult. However the party had gained the services of the guard who had accosted them in Stara Zagora. Cast from his clan and seeking a meaningful name he has joined with the fated group to stop Asheran Furen from completing what plans he has.

Upon arrival fell shadow beasts and strange mechanical beetles barred the adventurers from their prize. Disposing of the challenges in a swift manner found the group marveling over treasures untold (actually it’s all carefully catelogued :P).

Newly equipped and a tad weary, the adventurer’s forge south to book passage on the ‘Aurora’s Deep’.

NOTE:quick spew, fill in blanks as I/you/we look at sheets. Form needs tweaking. Insert what you remember of combat when appropriate.



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