Seylebs Legacy

Session V: A Giant Squirrel and a Golem

After a few days of travel, the group (now named ‘The Bane of Innkeepers’) arrived at a interesting sight… A tree. Not just any tree, but a massive tree; One bigger then a city! To make things worse, there was two giant squirrels and a giant wood pecker… The group stood their pondering on the implications of it all.

After a while of thinking, they all came to the same conclusion… A wizard did it.

Quickly taking advantage at the assumed advantage this ‘tree city’ would hold, the group went into research mood at collected as much information about the mountain range to the east; this even went to the point of almost hiring a guide in this city, which is almost a weeks travel from the mountains!

After a ‘long’ day of research, they decided to earn a bit of much needed money. The first job, one was from an Artificer to track done his lost shadow-steal golem. After hours of planning, they trotted off to the golems last known location, with a cage strapped onto Khetep.

Upon arriving at the area, and finding the golem, Ty McLillin made the mistake(?) of talking to it. It responded with the word ‘art’. Well, more to the point of ‘I’m making art’. After capturing the golem (which is to be noted that the plan worked perfectly… for once), Ty McLillin has the wonderful experience of a moral dilemma; Is the golem alive?

To Nathin, it was a tool that could speak and nothing more.
mutt (Rak) just followed his religious belief and was set that if it was alive, it would be judged in the afterlife, regardless of physical form.
Khetep had some problems with this as well. He ended up falling back on his religious teachings since he didn’t know where to go…
Ty McLillin has the biggest problem of all. He couldn’t decided if it was alive or not… after much thinking and debating, he decided that it dying would bring him to a better place. With this decision, it set his mood for the next day or so and made it apparent to everyone else that he should never be allowed near children.

Session IV: Red Tape & Old Friends

Rak’s Journey goes here

After Rakap came back and a brief exchange of information Ty and Rak were directed to the office of a strangely abrupt, elderly human. A ranking member belonging to the clergy of Anubis he provided the confused group with advice on how to proceed in Nathin’s arrest.

It turns out that Nathin’s method of casting was something called Truespeech. An ancient and invasive utterance that was regulated, even outlawed in some cases. In this case, once explained how the sorcerer Nathin learned his craft (which raised more questions than it answered), he was allowed release under the legal guardianship of Rakap the Blink Dog. Ty found this endlessly amusing.

Unfortunately, though freedom was gained, during the trial and subsequent questioning the group revealed their quest and the antics of the rogue villain Ashuran. The ruling, magistrate dragon overseeing the trial granted them passage, though a heavy fine was laid on the group. Devoid of sizable sums they offered the twin swords Masamune and Muramasa. They were accepted.

Leaving Pleven with heads full of information and even more questions Ty, Rak, that vile darkspawn Nathin :) and Mattilda couldn’t find Gog or Khetep. Assuming the two would catch up the trio headed southwest to Imascus. Stopping along the way in small villages and hamlets was restful and soothing, but on the third night it was dangerous. Taking lodging in an inn the trio settled into their respective patterns.

While Rakap prayed in the cemetery and Ty scouted the alleys, Nathin enjoyed a beverage by the roaring hearth. His relaxation was short lived as the nerra assassin stepped from the mirror over the hearth, two lackeys waiting to emerge beyond him. Yelling, Nathin shattered the mirror and all the innkeeper’s mugs, plates and bowls seperating the mirror man from his minions.

Hearing the fracas, Ty and Rak raced to the scene with the blink dog considerably ahead. Surprising the assassin with remarkable strength and tenacity, Rak held him off as Nathin flung greasy ooze around the room unbalancing the assailant. A few more chomps later on the crystal man’s arm and Ty showed up to help Rak out. Nathin is bleeding pretty good at this point. The assassin wielded a dangerous crystal blade that sapped the strength of the victim, sickening them.

Taking one look at the nerra stumbling over broken tables, shattered crockery and greasy flooring, Nathin splintered and break the flooring further hindering the assassin, and filling the room with the smell of sawdust. A pretty impressive conflict erupted and the common room was thoroughly destroyed. Tables turned and losing fast the nerra ran, barely escaping despite Rak and Ty’s best efforts.

Regretful of the damage the trio gave up some coins and wearily settled in after binding nasty wounds and turning over all mirrors. A few days past as they helped repair and heal. The villagers were warned of the nerra’s ways and they headed out.

An Introduction


For a few years now the group was known as the Comeau Militia. A small group of highly unusual misfits secluded in a small village, doing what they can, building what they can. Destiny, however will not be denied.

Session III: Clues

Now up one member the party continued on its way to the find the “Aurora’s Deep” when they came across a small town celebrating a harvest festival. Thankful, the party decided to stop and enjoy the festivities. Khetep “mingled”, Gog sought out entertainment[?], Ty ate and watched while Nathin[?can’t remember sorry?].Food and music where abundant, the sun was out and evening approached.

After some discussion the party contacted the “Nerra”, some kind of mirror people. Unsure of the procedure they took lodging and attempted to contact the nerra leader with a mirror and discovered that the being working for Ashuran known as Coldforge was not in conflict with his people’s ethos.

Unknown to them the nerra assain had chosen this spot as an ambush. It disguised itself as different villagers and ambushed the party. Ty was poisoned, and fled to a belfry convinced everyone was possessed. Gog was unable to locate a foe among the crowd. Nathin was seeking better ground.

Meanwhile Coldforge planted a note on Khetep informing him that if he raised the alarm all the villagers would die. The hound Archon, using his nose for evil pinpointed the nerra and, as is Khetep’s nature, charged his prey pinning it to a wall. Not wanting any civilians to get hurt he offered the mirror being a deal.

Khetep proposed that he would let the nerra go and talk if he agreed not to hurt any civilians. The assassin agreed. Khetep left the ensuing negotiation to Nathin. Coldforge offered to meet them in a house of mirrors to which Nathin agreed.

Upon agreement and despite efforts to stop him, the mirror being dove into a cleverly placed and hidden mirror among the crowd. There was much frustration to be shared among the group in the following hours.

Nathin suggested giving the nerra the sword Muramasa in exchange for information. Khetep was strongly opposed to this and it led to some heated exchanges. This debate distressed Ty, who had watched both Nathin and to a more extent Khetep, be increasedly aware and sympathetic to the disposition of these weapons. Gog was ambivalent.

These weapons were aware. And therefore, dangerous. Gog, unfamiliar with these strangers offerred his insights but otherwise remained silent. This is not Stara Zagora from which the group recruited him, which in turn which was not his mountain home. There were many questions to be had.

In the end the group decided anything we get from Ashuran’s lackey would not be worth the risk of betrayal. The twin swords would be stored in the magic pack they procured a few towns ago to minimize their influence.

Increasingly wounded and tired the party got what rest they could, made what amends they could and then moved on. To Pleven! As the group crested a rise they saw a floating isle studded with towers drift slowly towards Pleven. It seemed the fabled floating city of Acadamia would also be available to the flagging party.

Upon entering the sizable town the village(or other planar) folk were a little overwhelmed. Food, gear, baths and lodging came to mind. And though most of those were sated, information led the group to Acadamia. Levitation pads, comm stones were marveled at, or yawned at depending. Khetep and Ty soon set out for the libraries, each looking for their own puzzle piece.

Nearly a day had passed after the respective researchers exited the libraries. It seemed legacies were undiscovered and secrets held. A short dialogue led to a disturbance. That disturbance was Nathin. Drawn into a conversation he had cast a spell and immediately evoked a response swifter than a point blank fireball.

Elite guards and overseer wizards surrounded the sorcerer weapons and wands trained.

Flabbergasted his companions objected but were rebuffed under local law. This was a dangerous caster and a threat, lock up and so on. Though Khetep and Ty protested the Arcanists felt imprisonment was approppriate.

Session II: A New Face

After returning to Stara Zagora to equip and rest after Nathin’s horrific wound, the party awoke to discover Rakhep missing.

Thinking nothing of it Nathin drifted off to breakfast in a cafe, Ty washed, ate and along the way mentioned Rak’s disappearance to Khetep who as always, was vigilant.

Trailing his fellow canine’s scent Khet noticed he was being followed by a town guard. Tracking the scent to a sewer grate and with the guard still following Khetep assembled the rest of the group.

A short trip, a conversation with said guard and some nudging to get Nathin awake found the group lowering into dangerous, trap filled sewer with a protesting Goliath guard who insisted;

“This is not what I’m paid for…”

After some wounds taken (Ty was gashed by the traps, the guard also. Khetep and Nathin cleverly disabled the devices) a room containing a raging, lightning shooting man bound by arcane symbols was found. A short dialogue later found Khetep and Ty both loathe to let a being remain in obvious captivity and disabled the runes. Nathin was ambivalent.

This decision led to the lightning spewing man to rage to the surface and head directly to the palace. The party was concerned.

Following and doubting the wisdom of their decision they witnessed a confrontation between the raging man (he said he was the rightful King) and his son. The son again disabled the Sapphire Dragon and bound him with magicks. When witnessing this the group confessed to being party to the breakout.

Taking pity on the party’s ignorance and good intentions, ‘king’ explained the nature of the ruling figures and tolerated a few other questions. This naturally led to the party informing ‘king whatever’ of Asheran Furen’s theft of the phylactery of ?Totendragonigg?

Fearful of what could happen, ‘King’ sent the party onwards with his blessing. That blessing included the location of a minor hoard which could help the group on their way.

Arrival at the site was difficult. However the party had gained the services of the guard who had accosted them in Stara Zagora. Cast from his clan and seeking a meaningful name he has joined with the fated group to stop Asheran Furen from completing what plans he has.

Upon arrival fell shadow beasts and strange mechanical beetles barred the adventurers from their prize. Disposing of the challenges in a swift manner found the group marveling over treasures untold (actually it’s all carefully catelogued :P).

Newly equipped and a tad weary, the adventurer’s forge south to book passage on the ‘Aurora’s Deep’.

NOTE:quick spew, fill in blanks as I/you/we look at sheets. Form needs tweaking. Insert what you remember of combat when appropriate.

Session I: A Quiet Life

Session 1: Comeau Clear day, the Commander was drunk as usual.

The group were doing their normal guard duty routine, when there when Mrs. Henderson came running up to Khetep complaining that there was a goblin who wouldnt pay for his drink.

Khetep went to the inn and confronted the goblin. The Goblin claimed that we were living on his land and therefore he owned everything in the town. When Khetep tried to throw the goblin out, it revealed its true barghest form (go go super goblin). Khetep and Rakaph were forced to fight and kill the goblin/barghest (The barghest’s head was cleft in twain).

After the incident Khetep and Rakaph went to scout the surrounding area, while Nathin and Ty remained to guard the town in case of further attacks. Khetep and Rakaph found the goblin camp (which was led by gnolls) and managed to pick off a few before being repelled. They then regrouped with Ty and Nathin. The group decided to head off the goblins and eliminate them.

On the way they encountered a dark group of fell power heading towards Comeau. It was immediately evident that this strange procession was evil and powerful, the entire party hid in the woods fearing for thier lives until it passed. Khetep and Rak headed to Comeau to warn the townsfolk while Ty and Nathin headed to Comeau’s muster point.

The townsfolk refused to heed Khetep’s warning and were slaughtered mercilessly as Khetep and Rakaph watched helplessly. The conflict ended with a spectacular showdown between the town wizard Bel Krieg and the apparent leader we later learn to be Asheran Furen. Asheran was victorious and left Comeau burning and in ruins. Khet and Rak hurried to rejoin Ty and Nathin and told them of the events.

Returning to the town in order to lay rest to the dead and put out the fires, the party found Bel Krieg to be still alive in the crater that used to be his home. With his last breaths he told us of Asheran, a Disciple of Mephistopheles and Wielder of Hellfire. He told us that Asheran had come for the phylactery of Totendrachekonig, the lich-king of Ruse. Now that he possessed the phylactery the party had to warn Totendrachekonig.

The group decided to travel to Stara Zagora in hopes to find passage to the draco liches city. Their arrival was highlighted by a supercilious warforged sitting atop a tent. A tent that led to the underground city of Gnomish design. Upon entrance the group discovered that it was the end of the shipping season and passage could not be booked. The party would have to look elsewhere.

Low on funds and equipment the party decided to help clear out the mines as a side job to get money for passage. The mines were being occupied by an earthgliding minotaur. The minotaur almost killed Nathin but miraculously “survived”. Once again the monster was cleft in twain.


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